Year 1 with Eleanor

My mom is always and forever asking me why I don't write more about Eleanor. I always say that I have to write about other things like recipes and hiking and breakfast sandwiches. Life's greatest experiences of course... 

Eleanor doesn't get more press coverage in part because I'm highly reluctant to the label of "cat lover". People that love their cats have a certain stigma that is often supported by cartoons, unattractive sweaters and words like crazy or bizarre. That being said, I've enjoyed having Eleanor in my apartment for the past year. I'd like to think she's kept any mice at bay. She has made it pleasurable to spend a quiet weekend in my apartment whether it's to clean, cook or crush some episodes of Gilligan's Island. Eleanor is also pretty capable of taking care of herself for a few days.
A few points of note?
  1. Doesn't hate riding in trains, cabs, or cars.
  2. Hates sweeping, but doesn't hate the vacuum.
  3. Likes to go to bed at 10.
  4. Recently learned how to sit on the tv. For the record this is not cool with me... 
  5. As a result of #4, I purchased a water gun that I use to remind Eleanor of acceptable behavior.
  6. Sometimes when I'm getting dressed in the morning, Eleanor likes to hide in my closet... unfortunately this led to her getting locked in the closet for an entire work day.
  7. Likes to eat tissues. Weird.
  8. Still won't wear a collar.
  9. Still loves her best friend Kiki (my sister)
  10. Doesn't mind visits to the vet... even if it puts her weight gain on record.
  11. Recently found out what cat treats are... probably mad about not knowing about them earlier
  12. Likes to wrestle carpets
  13. Loves nearly all men... except my landlord Joey. She hides from him.
  14. Will wait for you outside the bathroom
  15. Enjoys running really fast in straight lines from one side of the apartment to the other
  16. Isn't able to run quickly around corners
  17. Most favorite thing to play with? The caps off my Pellegrino bottles
  18. is an anxious purr-er.
  19. licks iPhone cables
Here is a moderately large collection of iPhone pictures featuring Eleanor's habits, friends, and favorite spots...

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