I am a bit of an early riser at times and this weekend was one of those times. But it helped me to really maximize my Saturday. We had a bit of snow during the work week and thankfully it stuck around a bit so I could go skiing. 

The rest of the weekend was really uphill from there. I got gently lost in the woods. Went to target. Ate cake at a family party. Reminisced about my youth at a basketball game. Found my favorite ice cream. Made a loaf of bread. Took a great walk. Ate beef stew and watched Downton Abbey.

Pretty much a winner. I'm hoping it all happens again sometime soon.

[1] I hope that someday when I have a house. I get to have a bench like this. I love sitting on it right before I get to go swish through the woods for a bit.
[2] Just another big field to play in...
[3] I'm intrigued what prompted some trails to be marked as "healthy". I normally am prompted to snack on some pretzels when I see these signs. I stuff my pockets with pretzels when I go skiing.
[4] This sign is deceiving. Can you still call it a trail if it leads to a dead end? Cause that's what happened. Regardless, it was awesome and beautiful.
[5] When I was younger, I remember the imitation Harlem Globetrotters coming to perform at BC during halftime. It was such a highlight. Kids used to line up along the side of the court to get sweaty high fives. I was grinning like an idiot during Saturdays game. So happy to see they've brought these guys back.
[6] Blue skies and brick buildings. That is all.
[7] A suburban trip to Stoughton blessed us with an opportunity to take a quick Target trip. Kerrianne is terrible in grocery stores. She loses focus, gets lost, and wants to look at the Barbies.
[8] As a family, we LOVE purple cow ice cream ... but our hometown ice cream store stopped carrying it. On our way home Saturday night, we stumbled upon it in Charlestown. Complete highlight.
[9] My first experience buying turnips.
[10] On Sunday we took a walk by the water. I skipped morning yoga so I needed a little exercise. It was not ugly outside. It was cold.

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