Just a little jaunt to Chicago

Yes, it's been far too long in between posts. And while I know that in my own heart, it's always nice to have someone else remind me.

I got this message at work yesterday from my friend's hubs:
"tell whatjendoes that she hasn't been doing anything"

Message received.

It's been a weird and busy few weeks since I got back from Italy. I feel like I've barely been in my own apartment and space. Every where I look in my apartment is a small project that I need to work on. Even my wine rack is empty. I need to fill it.

None of these things were helped by a quick trip to Chicago last week - but the trip was pretty great none the less. Yes, it was for work... and that inevitably meant some oddly timed flights that meant for less sleep and more productive work times. But the trip reminded me of a lesson that I've learned (and been practicing) for the last year or so. Making the most of the time you have.
So, in the few hours I had to explore in the mornings. I took some great walks to Millenium Park to check out that giant Bean. And because I was having a leisurely walk, I stopped and had an amazing latte at Inteligensia Coffee and a macaroon. There isn't anything quite like eating a macaroon before 7 am while looking at your reflection in a giant legume.

Limited words are required to explain why I rarely turn down pizza, especially in Chicago. So, for the one real legitimate dinner we had in the Windy City... the team ate at Lou Malnati's and I thoroughly enjoyed the "Malnati Chicago Classic" on a buttercrust. I am not sure what a buttercrust really is besides delicious.
The next (and last) morning in Chicago I managed to make my way back to the same gorgeous Bean ... but running this time. I did try to briefly convince my co-runner that a stop for a latte would be a great idea but it was not successful.

See you again soon Chicago. But hopefully the next time I won't have a fellow airplane passenger fart in my face ... and there will be more lattes and macaroons.

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