bipolar weather

I've just eaten about 7 Dove Promises and it's Wednesday ... which means it's not a long weekend anymore.

The weather this Memorial Day weekend could only really be described as bipolar. Pretty much every weather forecaster in Boston is trying to tell us that Memorial Day is the start to summer. For about 70% of this weekend it was hard to believe that... given I sported a giant yellow rain jacket and leggings and a fleece. I secretly liked the rain jacket because it made me feel like I lived on the coast of Maine and was a fisherman's wife or something. That being said, the frizzy locks popping out from the hood ... not the best look.
While I owe a more thoughtful review of my latest trip to Vermont, this long weekend really only deserves pictures and some light commentary.

I essentially spent two days in the wind and slightly blustery weather at my parents house with their new puppy. Her name is Ruby May and I love her more than my Brita filter but less than bacon.
The remainder of the weekend was spent back in the North End. I purged a bunch from my apartment (see ya red flannel sheets), got drinks with one of my favorite married people friends, and made a trip to Southie for a turkey burger and lady conversations.

Total amount walked in 4 days? About 15+ miles. It was about 7 miles to Southie and back, plus the long cruise along the Harborwalk with a breakfast sandwich, and all those neighborhood cruises with Ruby.

Oh, I also made a brief trip to a local organic farm, Holly Hill, which obviously deserved its own post completely... anything for a thyme joke.

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