Resting in Vermont

The weather is getting a bit cooler in Boston and that pretty much means fleece is acceptable for so many more activities. I can now wear it to work, on my couch, on errands, and even to bed. What? I like my bedroom chilly. Time for some snuggs.

Fleece was also a million times appropriate during my recent trip to Vermont. So was wearing blaze orange paraphernalia ... all wins in my book.

Like any good long weekend, this was the perfect balance of planning and winging it. And plenty of driving. Lots of driving.

I spent much of the 4 days in Vermont doing one of the following activities:
- sitting on the porch staring at the trees
- sitting on the porch drinking coffee
- sitting on the porch drinking hot cider
- sitting on a bale of hay in the barn
- eating pork
- eating more pork
- wearing wool socks and fleece
- listening to the rain

oh, and when I wasn't doing any of those things... I stood in the front yard and stared at the stars. And, they were amazing. I fahking love looking at the stars. 

Here are some snaps...


Trips to Vermont consist of being very active for short periods of time followed by excessive amounts of "recovery" time in front of a fire or wood stove. It does not matter who I am with, the cycle is the same. This trip was no different - except the activities were limited to a highly competitive game of capture the flag (except with kegs) and a short hike to a pretty little lake.

I also got a fair amount of time with my little lover Dixie. We both share a fondness for bacon, the outdoors, and skipping showers in favor of running around Vermont. As a testament to my love for her, I even gave her some of my bacon while we got cozy on the porch one morning.

Oh, and on my way to the Pig Roast... I swung by and visited a friend / neighbor / coworker at her parent's dairy farm in Pownal. When Asti told me to "save my cardigans for Middlebury", I laughed ... but the minute I got out of the car I was lovingly covered in mud by 4 friendly golden labs. In addition to the 4 labs, the family also has two cats (Jamal and Copenhagen), 3 horses, and 10 (?) cows.

Adorable right?

Answer = yes.

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