just a little update

flashbacks to summer.... and neon tanks.

It feels like it's been awhile since I actually wrote something.

Something of value and meaning.

I have a lot of thoughts spinning in my head and heart but no real direction for writing them down. Maybe that'll come to me this weekend.

Until then, feel free to noodle on these things:

  • Two weeks ago, I saw this guy on the street that I went on three dates with. My first reaction was quite literally to turn and run. The only problem is that he was just across the street ... and may have seen me. Additionally, it did not help that Baby Sister kept calling my name since I didn't exactly explain myself before I ran away. Also, there was zero reason to run. When Baby Sister asked me why I was running, I said ... in a crouched position on the sidewalk ... that I didn't want him to ask me out again. She responded that there was minimal risk. She was right. I haven't heard from him. Shocking.
  • I belong to this great gym that has amazing lotion from Kiehls. I joined this gym in July which should be known as "can't apply lotion season". If you apply Kiehls lotion during warm weather, you will be slick like a baby seal if you move even the slightest bit. At one point, I applied lotion to one leg and not the other just to test this theory. Well, since it's October I figured it might be lotion season finally. And, well it seemed like it was. I worked out on Thursday night, showered at the gym, lathered up. Win. But, when I ran today during lunch .... I unknowingly made my legs so slick that I almost knocked myself unconscious. The Ab Plank exercise was seriously hazardous. Not quite lotion season.
  • Tonight, I made Cauliflower soup for dinner... on a Friday night. By myself. Cauliflower soup requires shaved parmesan... at least in my book. I had to run out to my favorite market in order to get the parmesan to shave it. While I was there I ran into this guy I went out with three times. I liked to call him Proper Ben. When I reported this incident back to my friend Asti, she asked how it was on the awkward/fine scale. Unsurprisingly .... Proper Ben was proper and friendly and nice and cute. Then I remembered that he kissed like half baby snake chicken. Go ahead and figure that out.

And yesterday, I saw this pattern on a DIY website and honestly felt like I could make the dress. Let it be known that in my life I've made two items of clothing:

  • madras drawstring pants ... that were so large and terrible I could have landed my own E! / TLC / Lifetime Fashion Nightmare segment
  • a blue floral backless halter. I don't even need to describe that.

Happy Friday.

That's be to the baby jesus that it's the weekend.

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