Non-American Pancakes

I've started and finished about a bazillion posts in the last three weeks.

There are about a million things I could have written about in that period of time, but instead I continued to procrastinate. What did I do during those few weeks? Well, I spent much of it in my parent's backyard, one day of it looking at Tall Ships in Boston Harbor with Baby Sister ... and one evening of it on quite possibly the worst slash most comical date of my life. Spoiler alert... he got bombed and peed in Boston Harbor. 

So, there's that.

But, today is America's birthday and I do love me some America despite the fact I chose to celebrate it by making German Pancakes instead of American Pancakes... if there is such a thing.

German pancakes are crazy easy and perfect for people that hate using lots of ingredients. Get ready... you only need 4 things. I'm not even kidding. The one hiccup for me was that despite having chickens in the backyard those crazy girls only gave up 4 eggs ... and I needed 6. I was pretty hell bent on making these suckers so I saddled up my bike and rode down to my aunt's house bra-less. Yep, it was that much of an emergency. Thankfully, she had plenty and we had the show back on the road ... all nestled into an American Flag beach towel.
Before I knew it, I had mixed all of my ingredients and was watching my breakfast grow like a school science project in the oven. I literally called people over to look at it with me. Pretty funny looking. Then they deflated (like they should) and I topped them with some supermarket maple syrup (sorry Meghan's Dad), powdered sugar, and blackberries ... and then I demolished them.

As you can see from the pictures, this recipe makes 12 average cupcake sized pancakes. In my book, 3 is a serving ... 1 or 2 would be fine if you had additional sides. In a house filled with 5 people, 12 doesn't divide up well so next time I'm doubling the batch or just exiling someone from breakfast Jeff Probst / Survivor style.

Here's how it all goes down...
(Step 1) Preheat oven to 425 F and gather your ingredients. Eggs, Flour, Milk, Salt.
(Step 2) Crack your beautiful eggs and whisk them right up. Mix in the other ingredients. Your batter will be lumpy, that's okay. 

(Step 3) Grease your cupcake tin and fill each one about 75%. It really doesn't matter too much.
(Step 4) Put these babes in the oven for 12-15 minutes. You'll know they are done when the tops get a little bit nicely browned. Don't worry this isn't stressful.
(Step 5) Throw a few of these delights on your plate, top with whatever you want, and dig in. I went with fruit, but I read that some people even used jam. Essentially, if you'd eat it on a pancake.... you can eat it on a German pancake.

Shopping List
6 eggs
1 cup of Flour
1 cup of Milk
1/2 t of salt
powdered sugar

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