A few bright blooms

I'd like to think that I'm not one of those people that you hear complaining about all the winter.

Summer is my favorite of course, but winter isn't bad. It means fleece, fireplaces, endless hot coffee, and being cozy. Also, cross-country skiing. That being said, it does also mean that I've worn my Hunter Boots and big down jacket nearly every day to the office. But today the weather in Boston was down right warm. I almost felt bad going to yoga because it was nice enough to run outside in minimal layers.

I celebrated the warmth by returning to my favorite bench by the harbor and reading.  Then I took an extra long walk along the harbor with a friend. As I sit on my couch watching the Olympics, I almost feel like my skin is a little sun-kissed and that is perfectly fine by me. It felt amazing to actually be warmed by the sun ... as opposed to occasionally thawed.

All this great weather has me thinking about what to plant in my matching green pots for Spring. Right now it's just the sad ending of the paper white flowers I had at Christmas. They were gorgeous then... now? just sad pots. I'll work on that next week.

But last weekend... my mom brought up a bunch of daffodils for her daughters to split up. So, this is what they look like a full week after they came home from the store. Daffodils for the win. I've moved them around my apartment each day this week and today they ended up in my bedroom. The blue sky day meant the light in my bedroom was crazy bright and warm. Thanks sun!
Oh and that pretty green vase? It came as part of an arrangement my adorable married friends Chris and Lauren sent me to celebrate my new job in December. I felt very grown-up when I found these flowers with my name on them.

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