Oh hello there Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii.

While I would consider myself principled, when I want something I have been known to rationalize the hell out of a situation in order to make myself feel like I'm making the right decision. This behavior extends from procuring Starbucks to something worth much more (a la my ipad Max).

So when I set the goal of having a visitor from each state by my first blogging anniversary - I'm calling it my "blogaversary" .... I expected that I'd have to rationalize an extension.... but thanks to the Etrade baby and a friend I managed to lock-down 3 states this week! My friend, Aaron, is in the Navy and sent my blog to his friends that are in Alaska and Hawaii. Thanks!

So that just leaves Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska....

I'm not sure what I have to say about these states but perhaps I'll be able to cover these state associated topics before my blogaversary:
  • Idaho Potatoes
  • South Dakota's Mount Rushmore
  • Nebraska ... hello Warren Buffett

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