(Eternal) Quest for Blog Traffic ....

I've been a lazy blogger over the past two months... although I can probably safely say that nobody noticed I was missing. BUT - I realized this week that my one year blogging anniversary is coming up at the end of the month.... and that caused me to check on my blog traffic. Blogging less obviously means less traffic ... and not achieving goals.

But - since the last time I checked in the end of October ... I have hit a few more states!
Welcome Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kansas!

So, I know its a big goal but wouldn't it be great if I could get all of these states by my 1 year anniversary? I think so.

I'm honestly not sure I know anybody in Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, and Hawaii - but we'll see how this goes.

Here are the other times that I've blogged about web traffic goals:

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