Competitive Sleeping

I'm pretty sure the last time I thought about sleeping being competitive was in college. College felt like a constant contest to see who could nap better. I've never been a good napper. This summer I definitely got better at it but I'm pretty sure that the sun, relaxing, and my mid-afternoon gin and tonic had something to do with that....

Well, competitive sleeping is back.

You may (or probably not) have heard about this "new" product called a Wakemate. The WakeMate, a sensor-laden wristband packaged with sleep analysis software, determines the optimal wake-up point in your REM cycle and adjusts your alarm for that moment. Plus, 2 of the 3 smarty pants founders are Boston College alums .... and I'm a sucker for supporting an Eagle.

I have been impatiently waiting for my Wakemate since before Christmas - anytime I was sick or stressed out I thought about how I would have loved to know what was happening to my sleep score. Well, my wait ended this weekend with the arrival of my WakeMate. I've now slept with the snazzy wristband for two nights and wanted to share the stats.

My score for 2/12 is grossly inflated because pairing with a Blackberry was such a hassle that once it got it paired I just put it on my nightstand for a few hours until I was actually ready to use it.

On Sundays, I always get an awful nights sleep because I'm anxious about missing my train in the morning. I was curious to see whether or not it would be reflected in the data - and of course it was. Check out the charts below to see how much I toss and turn as it gets closer to 5 am when I need to wakeup.

Honestly, I was a little surprised when I saw the wristband. Despite seeing many pictures of it online, its a little bigger (just a teeny tiny bit) than I was expecting - BUT its covered in comfy fleece. So its also a lot more comfortable than I was expecting. There can't be anything sexier than strapping this bad boy on for a good nights sleep, right?

I'm pretty excited to see how my scores adjust over the next few days and weeks - but then again I'll admit I'm a little uptight after all I do keep track of my Amtrak and Hilton points in an excel spreadsheet.

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