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I don't pretend to get video games. I can't even pass the easiest of levels in Mario. My sister and I may be known for getting little brother Jake to come and do our dirty work for us.... and then letting us do a super easy level. In fact, Kerrianne got so frustrated last Christmas break playing Mario that she had to tie her sweatshirt over her face so she would stop yelling while my Mom was trying to have a work call.

True Story.

Oh, and here is the picture.

Anyway. I don't get video games. But, normally I get commercials. But I really don't get this one for DJ Hero 2. I find it super weird and ... bizarre. Yes, I know those descriptive words are similar - but they work. So check out this video and try to tell me that you understand why these people shared their braces, lip rings, and freckles.

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