Farmer's Markets.... are my weak spot

Its Wednesday... and that means its Farmer's Market day in Scituate.

I am a huge sucker for crates of fresh fruits and vegetables. So delicious and inspiring. I anticipate seeing a lot of apples today, which will make me think about apple pie, apple crisp, or just apples with peanut butter. All great options.

One of the best parts of the Scituate Farmer's Market is getting tasty meat products from Harvest Food Club. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical of all the claims of delicious steak but our friends were not wrong. The steak is friggin' delicious. So today here are the things that are on my shopping list:
  • Niman Ranch Bacon ... Uncured Smoked Applewood (sinfully delicious)
  • Meyer "All Natural" Half Eye Rib Roasts (... a new one for the house)
  • Meyer Ranch Steak... Prime, Dry Aged, All Natural Sirloin (of course)
Harvest Food is featuring some delicious cheese as well from Pineland Farms in Maine. I might even pick up some Sharp Cheddar Cheese ... although the Horseradish "Spreadable" Cheddar sounds quite appealing.

FYI, I'm already thinking about the Steak.

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