Excellent Advertising...

Its no secret that I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. Its also no secret that I love my Tivo.

So what happens when there is a Kraft M&C ad on my Tivo? I don't fast forward through it. Seriously.

I saw one of the new ads maybe a week or so ago and thought it was totally hilarious. A quick YouTube search reveals that there are 5 of these bad boys out there and so I'm going to share them with you. Here are my 3 favorites:
"Homestyle Deluxe"

"Skimming off the Top"


So as to not make this post too long... I'm going to send you to YouTube for the last two... Don't worry, you won't be disappointed you went:
- Opportunistic Crime
- Cheese Lover

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  1. Kraft Mac n Cheese, Tivo and Romantic Comedies! ;)


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