Amazon... you are the love of my life

I've always been a huge fan of Amazon. I love the breadth of their product offering. I love the customer service. But perhaps above all, I love being an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime has completely changed my buying habits. I hate going to stores even more now - why go when I can see if Amazon sells it? You might disagree with me, but do you have an Amazon Prime membership?

To show how diverse Amazon's product categories have become I'll show you all of the items that I've bought from Amazon in the last two weeks:

 Yes folks, that would be a compass for my brother, new carry-on suitcase, pomegranate k-cup tea, Athletic Foam Roller for my sore knees and .... a cake pan in the shape of a cat.

Oh, and I also rented a (poor) Katherine Heigl movie that was streamed to my Tivo for a mere $3.99. I don't blame Amazon for letting me rent this movie, but I do applaud how quickly and seamlessly it "arrived" in my living room.

So in conclusion.

Dear Amazon, I love you. Xoxo, Hopelessly Yours

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