Interesting Innovation

I saw this article on Fast Company's website about a new innovation in the coffee shop world.

Pretty interesting.

I think the stuff that will hold it back will be that companies will be reluctant to give up their brand image being so clear. As much as Starbucks likes you to save the environment by bringing your own mug in to use, there is limited to no brand value in hoarding of people parading around with travel mugs.

Personally, the minute I see someone with a distinguishable Starbucks cup or Dunkin Donuts, I'm craving coffee. (Sorry Pete's Coffee... its just not the same with you). Companies use the additional coffee sleeves for advertising dollars and delivering messages to their customers.

 I'm sure that the innovator behind this product can come up with a way to meet the needs of the environment, cost savings, and merchants with a little more money in the R&D budget.

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  1. The guy should be much more clear about what the heck it is he is showing us.

    But I could definitely use that fancy cover in a video. How do i get one?


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