May 26th, 2010

Nope, that’s not graduation day …. that would be two days earlier.

May 26th is the day that I’m moving out of my apartment and putting all of my life into storage.

…insert mini panic attack here…

I can’t believe that it will all be over so soon - and we’ll all be working on our next life adventures.
I almost didn’t write this as a blog post because I feel like the majority of my recent MBA community posts have been about school being over so soon. I think the reasoning for that is because its been such an incredible experience - and it will be sad to see the party come to an end.

I feel really lucky that I have some time to transition back to the “working world”. I will not be starting my new job until mid-September and that means that I have nearly the next five months off… woo woo.

I’ve used Mercury Movers ( every time that I have moved since I graduated from undergrad. Its almost as if I invite them along whenever I’m transitioning to something new whether it be a studio apartment, grad school, or the next adventure. They are a fabulous company (highly recommend them - and they aren’t even paying me to say so) and while it will be great to see them on my doorstep in May…. it’ll be a wee bit sad to say good bye to Brighton.

In the mean time, I’ll be trying to purge my life of all the stuff I’ve accumulated in this apartment and deciding whether or not I want to pay to move/store it…. especially all of those heavy coursepacks our professors so lovingly put together.

(This picture is what 1.5 years of your MBA career looks like in paper- after a significant purge)

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