so it's been a bit

I haven't been blogging in quite some time. It is not as though there hasn't been things to write about either. Plenty of good stuff happening. Perhaps not as many kitchen adventures - but still things to document.

Blogging before used to be a healthy combination of a break from my job and a commuting activity. In the 10 years that I've been blogging, the prior 8 (?) I commuted to a job  ... and in some cases a job that was in a whole other state. So why am I writing less? I think I'm enjoying my life more. I do also have a whole house to take care of. I've started my own consulting business. I'm more social with my neighbors. 

In 2016, I would have spent a July Sunday night sitting on my itty bitty fire escape writing up a post about the weekend or the latest recipe that I made in my wonky North End kitchen. In 2020, I now spend it puttering around my garden, pulling a random weed every couple steps, and catching up with a neighbor over my hedge. I specifically keep my hedge at just the right height for two things: ease of trimming and ease of chatting.

That being said, I have several posts that should be written. I'd like to be a tiny bit better about writing here but I also know that the reasons for not writing as often are pretty wonderful.

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