christmas card

Another year, another Christmas card.

I'm not sure how I managed to get the Christmas cards actually made and in the mail because every other aspect of Christmas was absolutely behind schedule. I was making and wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. I'm normally better than this.

I think I managed to make the card in time because I could do it on the train. In the beginning of November, I started to go through all the pictures in my iPhone and tag the favorites. I have thousands of pictures in my phone so this is quite the retrospective on the year.

I did get some feedback this year that the pictures are too small - so maybe in 2018 I'll cut back on pictures. But if I did that, then I wouldn't get to see all the great parts that made up the past year:
  • my favorite treats like Auntie Anne's, blueberry donuts, or almond croissants 
  • kayaking with Ruby May
  • sibling trip to Seattle
  • baby Jake graduates
  • day trip to the vineyard
  • baby Jake goes to college
  • joining a town commision
  • starting construction on the house
I don't believe in resolutions - but I do believe in "intentions" and trying to set better practices. Going into 2018, I hope to actually get to yoga more, eat less salt, drink more water, and have more patience. I'm also trying to swear less. So far I'm doing well on the water but tanking on the swearing. Baby steps.

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