I’m in a relationship

Prior to leaving the city, I don’t think I ever had so many “projects”. I’m honestly not sure what I did with all my time. I think I spent a little more time at the office and I worked out more. Like regularly, as opposed to the irregularly with which I get to yoga now.

But, what did I do with all that time? I think the answer honestly might have been: taking walks, reading magazines, and dating. Well, I still enjoy a good walk and getting magazines in the mail - but dating is taking a back burner. I am now in a relationship with my house.

I have been on a several dates in the last six to twelve months and of all those dates, only two of which didn’t leave me wishing I had spent it on my trails website or thinking about the house. In the last year (exactly), I have been out with 5 different guys
  • Name sounds like a fruit, separated. Not ready for commitment, or honestly even to date. Dated for like 2 months (?). Met on Bumble, I think.
  • Skier guy, pot-head from Somerville. Ended our date shockingly abruptly when he realized I didn’t live in Boston. One date. Met on Bumble.
  • Environmental guy. Met on Hinge? I can’t remember. All dating apps are essentially the same thing. So boring. 
  • Bee Guy. Mutual Friend. Felt like we had a lot in common, but perhaps not “magic”. Some how in the course of the date it came up that he had bees - which I’ve wanted - and it just felt like things were going great. But I got the “just friends” text a week later.
  • Local guy. He lives in the area and we had some mutual friends in common. No attraction, incredibly thoughtful - but not a match. Still texts to see if we can hang out.
So for now, I’m really and truly focusing on everything but dating. I don't want to go so far as to say that I'm deleting the app from my phone but I'm "mentally" deleting it. Strangers, friends, enemies and neighbors are welcome to suggest a match - but I'm mentally taking a break from this aspect of my life. I’m in a relationship with my house, it’s pretty serious / long-term cause it’s a house. This could change but if I was to prioritize all the things I’ve been thinking about lately, dating is last on the important scale.

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  1. As shocking as it is for me to write this, these actually seem like pretty good results compared to a couple female friends I was talking to over whiskey this weekend. Apparently in [her name]'s world, being ghosted is the primary result of dates arising out of pick your least worst app.

    The upside is that I learned more of the new vocabulary, like "submarining," which is apparently like zombieing, only with dramatically less self awareness.


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