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I'd like to understand why the month of February doesn't move as fast as July. It absolutely flew by. It feels like only a week ago (or maybe two), I was cooking and prepping for this massive party. But in actuality, it's been a month since then. A great month at that too.

I absolutely live for the long days of Summer when you can catch a sunrise, enjoy a full day, dinner on the deck, and take another walk because sunset is just late enough for all this to happen. I try to cram a lot into my summer days like podcast walks, garden time, and blueberry picking - when the timing is right. Normally by this time in the year, I'm in full on tomato mode but the weather this year hasn't been hot enough for the tomato babes. So we are still in the green phase - but it's okay because I can just sit all day and wait.

While the weather hasn't been super compatible with growing tomatoes, it has been good for other things like blueberry picking and casual kayak rides both of which I did on a recent short staycation. Every time I take a day off work, I realize that I need to be better about doing it with a bit more regularity. It's almost as though I let myself get too far into "emotional vacation debt" because I'm not sure what to commit to exactly. So when I take a couple days off... they feel incredible and my "vacation debt balance" gets a boost. That might be a poorly constructed analogy but give it a shot. My love of Summer really puts a magnifying glass on this need. The summer of 2015 was the best because I took six months off. Never been more fulfilled, healthy, and balanced - even though it might have been a bit challenging on the actual bank account balance.

Here are a few pictures from the last month or so ish. I could fill this with sunrise pictures but I'm trying to be diverse and toss in a few other Summer moments. But my sunrise walks make me feel like I'm squeezing out a few more ounces of sunshine before I trap myself in an office.

[1] sunset boat ride through Scituate Harbor. My dad graciously circled the lighthouse so I would get the right lighting for the shot.
[2] I take a picture like this a few times a year. I'm not in as good of a shape as I have been... but still able to make it work. There is something about a handstand that always makes me feel so great.
[3] My garden this year is doing well - but I feel like I'm seeing cone flowers everywhere. My sister planted a bunch but this is a snap of some at the North River Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield
[4] dusk on a hot summer day along Museum Beach in Scituate.
[5] I swear you'll never regret getting up for sunrise. Best case scenario? Bright colors and beautiful views. Worst case scenario? It's cloudy and you get to have some hot coffee in a nice quiet spot before everyone else is up.
[6] The sunflowers this year are so tall. Like so tall. This is one of the early ones that planted itself from last year's seeds. Love seeing it against the American flag.
[7] I have absolutely had less blueberry donuts this summer - but fully managed to have 3 during my birthday vacation.
[8] I frequently see people taking their small dogs out kayaking or paddleboarding in the marsh - so I really wanted to see if Ruby would be interested. She wasn't. She politely sat with me after a lifted her in but the entire time was ready to leap out and flip me for sure. I'm not giving up - but this was pretty fun.
[9] I already did a post on our Vineyard trip [here] - but it was probably one of the best 18 hours of the summer. It was an incredibly long day but totally worth it. Getting to Edgartown light with my brother was super sweet.
[10] In the span of 5 days, I managed to go picking three times. Once by myself (2+ lbs), once with my sister (4+ lbs), and once with my dad (2+ lbs).
[11] My friend Sarah has been home on maternity leave this summer so I've had the opportunity to snuggle this cute baby more than once. He is beyond cute - and when he fell asleep on me? Heart breaker. 
[12] I can be incredibly lazy and just not want to leave the neighborhood beach but I pushed myself a couple mornings to get out there. Snapped this one on a random weekday morning just before sunrise in the harbor. Love these picturesque boats.
[13] I officially kayaked to this beach that I've been thinking about for a year. To be clear, it is not far, nor that intimidating but I always couldn't muster the courage to make it. So on the day before my birthday, I mustered the courage and made it. It's so perfect. I'll absolutely be back again soon. The shells there are different from the other beaches in town.

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