snowy february

I remember riding the train home one January night and seeing this tweet from my favorite weather man suggesting that February could be a very snowy month. Shortly after that it feels like it started snowing and barely stopped. It wasn't quite like the winter of 2015 - but for the past two weeks it feels like I've shoveled the driveway every other day. In the beginning, I was enthusiastic about it - and I actually still am 30 inches or so later. The first storm was fun. Then the second storm came, and I we got to work from home - which automatically made that shoveling also fun. But somewhere around the 5th snowy morning, it became less cool. Like, how is it possible I need to shovel 5 more inches of snow?

The primarily problem was that I had no idea how to strategically approach shoveling. Thankfully, I've been able to really refine my strategy. When it was a light fluffy 5 inches, you don't need a plan. You just shovel all whilly nilly and nothing matters. But, the morning after the blizzard ended I shoveled for an hour - and felt like I was making no progress ... because I was not.

Around minute thirty, I started to try and figure out how many shovels wide my car was to minimize the shoveling but it was a fruitless effort. I had essentially shoveled a walking path. At minute seventy, I googled "buy a snowblower". I'll absolutely still be buying a snowblower next Winter because I know for a fact my new strategy is null and void next Winter. Bye square driveway, hello long rectangle driveway.

The absolute upside of shoveling is that it meant all the woods were snowy - and that made them even more beautiful. Each weekend I've been pulling on my Bean boots and heading into a new trail. This probably necessitates another "outside > inside" post but for now, I'll let it be just snow.

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