Pot of Gold

You know when you find something super unique and special and it just brings a smile to your face? That was pretty much the entire weekend. I had set out with the goal of checking out a few new spots for a project that I'm working - and completely struck gold. Or at least my version of gold.

It feels like a win of a weekend when you slow braise some short ribs, find a channel marker on the beach, come across a skating pond in the middle of the woods, and ride a swing over the marsh. I've lived here a long time and so far I've only braised meat more than once.

Channel Marker
I had seen a few mentions of this on a community Facebook page and immediately wanted to find it. We've had some real high tides recently so I was a bit concerned it would have drifted away... but apparently the Coast Guard came by to tie the sucker down. The chain didn't seem nearly heavy enough to stop this giant can from moving around but I'll leave it to the professionals to determine that. If it wasn't so windy and frigid, I would have climbed up on it for some sort of conquering yoga pose.
Skating Pond
After seeing the channel marker, I picked myself up a blueberry donut and headed to a new trail in Cohasset. There is a great network of trails called Wheelright Park that has been built out (and maybe maintained?) by the Boy Scout troop in that town.

The park itself is really awesome. While the trails aren't incredibly well marked - they are in general pretty wide and the map is accurate. There was a side trail called the "Lemon Squeezer" that takes you off the main trail by a picturesque stream, old stone walls, and big holly trees. There was some historic fireplaces that I passed to - like literally a fire place outside... not a fire pit. 

The skating pond was built in the 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression and restored in 2002 by an Eagle Scout project. It is even listed in The Historical Index Survey of Architectural and Historical Assets of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So, I've lived in a 10 mile radius of this park for essentially 30+ years and had never heard of it. I've always been afraid of skating on ponds but I will absolutely be coming back here - even without a blueberry donut.
Couch Cemetery
This was actually my second visit to Couch - but the first was a failure. I couldn't find the entrance. That might sound crazy but it was the truth. You have to notice that there is a parking lot concealed by a half broken fence. At this point, I didn't know how amazing Couch was going to be. The main trail out to the point is wide enough for a truck and feels more like it's used for trucks than people... but at a certain point it switches.

This sounds a little dramatic but it's kind of breathtaking when you get to the end. The trees are crazy tall with essentially clean ground underneath (e.g. no bushes). So, you come to this clearing with majestic tall trees and through them you can see just endless marsh and water. The swing is tucked on the side and not super obvious. It is however really amazing and inviting. I can't wait to come back and bring Ruby May.

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