That moon right?

I think I'm currently at month ten of living in the suburbs. Give or take.

Through a variety of circumstances I've recently had the opportunity to think about this decision more. I switched onto a new project at work and when people find out that my commute is 90 minutes long ... each way... the natural next question is "so when are you moving closer?". I answer "never" so fast that it probably surprises people. The thing is, yes I love where I live right now. But nothing in life is permanent. If things change and I want to live in Boston again, I can and I will. But right now, I don't.

I don't have to remind myself often of why I moved. More often what happens is that I am reminded by other things why I did. That might be confusing, but essentially think of it this way. When I'm having a hard day I don't have to remind myself of the virtues of my decisions. It is more the virtues that remind me.

For example, last night I was driving home from the work and saw a moonrise / sunset so amazing that I swore about it. Multiple times. I could not pull over fast enough to capture it. And then when I got home, I couldn't change fast enough to get out for a quick walk. I'm not a messy person but there is literally a pile of discarded clothes in the front hall from evenings just like this.

There are things that I do miss about living in the North End. But when I made a quick list, 60% were food related and 20% were yoga classes. That last 20%? Just general exploration and socializing. There is something rather lovely about taking casual multi-hour strolls and not picking anything up.

But instead of long city walks, I take long sea glass walks. And I take weekend morning bagel trips with my brother. And I see the ocean every day - twice. And I can grow 6 varieties of tomatoes without getting labeled a fire hazard.

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