summer tomato love

A part of me wishes this meal could happen any month of the year.

Another part of me is just flipping thrilled that it only happens in August and September. Makes me love summer that much more.

After months of lovingly babysitting and tending to my tomatoes, they are finally beginning to ripen. I've waited so long for this week! I know this sounds crazy but I wish I had scheduled vacation for this. It's impossible for me to eat them all. Or share them fast enough. I mean, look at all these beautiful gems I plucked over the weekend.

The best part about this dinner is that I literally grew everything on the plate ... except the olive oil. It's pretty simple. It's two varieties of tomatoes - tie dye and garden peach. I cut them in small wedges and drizzled them with olive oil. As I was grabbing some basil, I had a flash of brilliance and also grabbed some mint. So delicious and so homegrown.

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