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 Please consider this the Garden Progress Update.

I almost bought a webcam a few weeks ago just so I could watch my garden all day long. So that's just a little hint of how obsessed I am with every little damn flower that grows here. Besides the family contest of "First to Fruit" I'm also just really excited to eat from the yard. I am particularly invested in the snap peas, sweet yellow peppers and the Mexican gherkin cucumbers... the later two of which aren't looking incredibly strong. I'm optimistic.

Gardeners notes:
  • Kale // The kale is finally beginning to show up to the party. After being in the ground for weeks, it almost looks like I could make a salad or smoothie. Meanwhile my friend Rachael is literally overflowing and freezing FUTURE smoothies. Grade: B-
  • Onions // They still look like they are alive but I'm going to be honest and tell you that I have no idea what "healthy" looks like. I know they aren't dead and I know they aren't ready to eat yet. Grade: A
  • Snap Peas // When I was a little babe my parents used to tell me that I could be found snacking on these in the garden at our old house. I am optimistic that can happen again this summer - just at the age of 33. I don't believe they'll be churning out snacks until after my birthday. I did have to spend a few mornings trying to train them up the trellis. I didn't get twine until last weekend and so they took it upon themselves to just grow anywhere they pleased... which was on the peppers. Grade: A
  • Beans // I was so impressed with how these suckers shot up quickly... and they've since slowed down. Might have something to do with my wind screen that gives them a bit of shade... but come on. Be strong beans. I want to chop you up and eat you in a salad. Grade: B-
  • Boothby Blonde Cucumber // So I didn't grow this from seed, but it is looking sharp! During one of my morning inspections, I noticed a bright yellow flower and then today I noticed like four or five flowers. So pumped for these babes to keep growing. Grade: A+
  • Tomatoes // With 6 varieties here, it's hard to provide an update on all of them. But there are some highlights. The two that I bought from Holly Hill Farm are thriving (Cherokee Purple and Garden Peach). The Cherry plant was the saddest thing in the garden (Grade D) but has finally begun to prove its worth. No flowers yet but I no longer feel like ripping it out and replacing it with something mass produced from Lowes. Overall Grade: B
New party attendees? I planted some beets and radishes two weekends ago during one of my weekly trips to Lowes. I had an extra planter and felt a little bit of remorse after learning that radishes only take 3 weeks to mature. If my impulse purchases are extending to cheap organic seeds, I think I'm doing okay.

I'll never get tired of looking at the climbing veggies trying to climb with their little arms. It's pretty amazing. I'm sure there is a technical term for them but I like calling them arms.

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