5 month check-in

Over the course of the years here, the balance of the posts have been on personal / daily / life updates ... versus cooking. In the last two years or so, the swing has been much more towards documenting cooking adventures... and travel. It felt like the right time to chime in with an update - especially since I've had this post in draft for two months. It was originally titled "3 month check-in"...  and it's two months late... which makes it a 5 month update.

To be fair to myself, it hasn't exactly been the easiest of 5 months. While December was a bit of a breeze, January and February were a bit rough. I threw out my back, got bronchitis and then pneumonia. In March, I started physical therapy for a frozen shoulder.
- January: threw out my back, went to Florida (again) with Meghan
- February: sick nearly the entire month. end of story. watched every episode of Downton Abbey.
- March / April: pneumonia lead to a frozen shoulder and physical therapy 3 times a week

In the midst of "all this" (that sounds dramatic), I was/have been commuting 3 hours a day to work in Kendall Square. I probably spent the first month or two reading magazines but have since switched to tv shows on Amazon Prime / Comcast. The shows they give you to download are not always amazing. As of this moment, I've watched the following shows: Mozart in the Jungle, Schitt's Creek, Accidentally on Purpose, Catastrophe, Suits, and Upstairs Downstairs. Suits specifically affected me as I began to act like an aggressive lawyer - so I wouldn't recommend binging on that unless you have someone to keep you in check. I'm going to need more access to comedies stat.

I'm confident that I'm not as healthy as I was living in the North End. The scale told me so. I haven't been to a spin class. I don't walk to work. I put groceries in my car as opposed to carrying them. But, there have been other positive changes 
- walk on the beach nearly daily
- go to Lowes / Home Depot almost weekly
- wake up at sunrise ... almost every day
- go to restorative / SPA yoga

- get a BLT on marble rye from BoTes in Norwell. Take it to Norris Reservation. Walk a half mile or more into the woods. Sit on a bench and eat.
- collect lobster bricks. I figured out that the bricks that you see on the beach have come from broken lobster pots. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them yet but it does make for a good workout to hunt them and carry them home.
- time outside. If I look back at the pictures in my iphone, they are essentially either of Eleanor, Ruby, or a sunrise. I could use a little diversity there - but I do everything possible to be outside. Whether it is in the woods, at the beach, or just on the deck. I'm happiest with a little Vitamin D and sunshine on my face.

Before closing with a photo retrospective, it seems beneficial to list a few goals. Life is nothing without progress and progress doesn't happen without goals. I need to try and expand my social circle. Being nice to people on the train isn't doing the trick - I need to actually talk to some strangers. Let's see how that goes in the next ad hoc update post.

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