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So, the move is now nine days away. Of those nine days, there are several that will consume Thanksgiving... and as a result zero packing. Of those nine days, there are only two trash days. Trash days are hyper critical when you are moving - especially when you are purging as hard as I am.

My primarily goal is that I go into this move with less shit than I did the last time. And I really think I'm doing that. Granted I haven't packed that many boxes but my closet is a complete shell of what it used to be and I have 3 big boxes of housewares to donate. There were a few moments today when I just couldn't believe how many spatulas I had. Or why I have so many glasses ... and yet I drink out of water bottles, 1 wine glass, and disposable cups. I blame the fact I haven't had a dishwasher essentially since high school. 

Although I have not read the famous Kondo organizing book, pretty much all my friends have and so has the rest of the internet. The principles of the book are life changing. Essentially, you ask yourself "do this item bring me joy?". If not, trash it or donate it. It's just that simple. As a result, I've donated about 6 bags of clothes and shoes... and more trash than I'm comfortable admitting. It appears the only things that bring me joy are yoga pants and stripes. For some reason I also think I need 5 whisks... 4 of which are pretty similar. But, you'll have to believe me that I did donate several other whisks...
Do you see the post-it notes on the cabinets? I thought it would be inspiring to remove the tag once I've packed that cabinet. It's slow goings and I might abandon my own game.

Other things I've managed to donate:
- curtain rods
- dvd player with no remote
- Ikea picture frames
- unused Christmas cards
The greeting cards were a harder nut to crack. My first donation place said no - but a local nursing home was super excited about them. I guess the activities director loves to use them for crafts. Win for them.

Packing goals for the rest of the weekend? Continue to build my Lowes box fort and determine which belonging I can't live without for several months. Some items that have already made the cut? My electric blanket and my rice cooker... obviously. 

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