Farewell Vienna // Day 14

With only two-ish days left in the vacation, things are beginning to slow down. The last couple days of this trip are a little different than initially intended. I had some hopes of getting to Hallstatt because … everyone loves a picturesque mountain side lake. However, with the border refugee situation it didn’t make as much sense to criss-cross the country.  That's fine. I'm not sure the next time I'll come back to Vienna but you never know. 

Today was a balance of two cities as we left Vienna and returned to Munich. Originally we had planned on an easy 4 hour train ride straight from Vienna to Munich.... but the border situation dramatically impacted that. While the trip from Germany to Austria is relatively organized... and even included a sponsored bus ride across the border, the reverse was the opposite. Although information has largely been sparse for this entire experience, there was even less for the return (Austria to Germany). Too many unknowns pretty much forced our hand into booking flights. 

Last Morning in Vienna
I keep trying to think about what makes Vienna so much more appealing to me. It is because I take these morning walks before anyone else is awake? or is because it is actually so pretty? Probably a bit of both. Despite having a full hotel breakfast waiting for me, I had to get one last croissant from Billa. They are literally the size of my head. If I could eat a croissant in front of a beautiful fountain while drinking a latte once a week, I would just be the happiest camper you've ever seen.

Travel Time
The flight to Munich isn't so reminiscent of Boston to NYC. It's less than an hour to fly or a 4 hour train ride. It was a healthy reminder of why we love the train so much. Between getting to the airport, going through security, flying, and getting to Munich - so much hassle. Train love for life. Never mind the train from Munich Airport to downtown was like a really hot sardine can. 
After several hours of being cooped up, I was itching the stretch my legs. Plus, the weather in Munich today was seriously beautiful. Like the definition of a bluebird day. With only a handful of hours before dark / bedtime, I walked through the city center and around the streets. The Viktualiemarket will be one of my favorites ... and it was an added bonus that I ran into my Mom and Grandfather sitting in the sun and enjoying a beverage and some bread. I also found a super cute shop (Obacht) to buy a few steins from. Nothing quite like transporting 4 steins back to Boston... they are not light.

Lastly, we did a final dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. After two weeks in Europe, I'm a little over all the sausage but thankfully have discovered the soups. They are nearly all potato based but all pretty tasty. On the way back to the hotel (Stadhotel Asam Munich), I got the group to stop by Asamkirche. K and I had visited this church on our first day in Munich and really loved it. My grandfather is officially over visiting churches. Officially.

Tomorrow? I'm leaving! Midmorning flight to Boston and then home sweet home.

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