Welcome to 2015

I'm currently soaking in my last night of vacation before returning to work. I've had just about two weeks off ... and I'm honestly not sure what I really did during that time. There was just a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing except elastic pants.

I had several other things on my to-do list that I just never got to... but that's alright. I'll get to them probably never. Funny story... I have used the same notebook for keeping my to-do lists the entire time I've lived in the North End. It's pretty intriguing to flip the pages back and see what I was making/doing in 2011 ... while at the same time seeing that it took me several lists to finally clean off my fire escape. I tend to make a new list (or page) for each weekend.

For the sake of keeping track of things, I tried to make a list of anything I really did over these past two weeks. Here's what I came up with...

  • moderately worked out including 1 amazing spin class and 2 great yoga classes. Super thankful for ClassPass forcing me to try new instructors and studios.
  • took care of a few doctors appointments nobody ever likes
  • hung a bunch of frames around my apartment... which is slightly comical to me because I went two years without a thing on the wall in grad school
  • bought a Waterpik because my dentist told me to... and I don't hate it.
  • completed two puzzles
  • watched 5+ Christmas themed romantic comedy movies
  • bought a humidifier because my eye doctor told me to
  • saw a seal in the "wild"
  • visited/held one of my oldest friend's new baby girl
  • celebrated my baby brother's 16th birthday... with cake, calzone, and lots of Dunkin Donuts
  • took my annual walk at Norris Reservation
  • learned that Ruby May likes to be tucked in with a fleece blanket
  • lots of walks with Ruby May on the beach ... even when it was frigid
  • finally cleaned my planters off the fire escape
  • my Starbucks account was hacked
  • moderately cooked but nothing really new: a batch of scones, a healthy chicken picatta, birthday calzones, faux-fried noodles for NYE, and chocolate dipped pretzels
  • watched a lot of HGTV... specifically Property Brothers and Fixer Upper.
  • Santa brought me bean boots... and I haven't taken them off since Christmas morning.
  • I took my last Hubway ride of the season to Whole Foods yesterday. It was cold.

As we embark on 2015, I'm probably going to do exactly what I've been doing in 2014... it kind of seems to be working. I'm relatively happy and healthy. My two biggest goals for this year will be to be better about writing and to take another great trip. Let's see how that goes.

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