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I'm potentially turning into a baby. 

I used to be able to run outside in the cold weather but since I've turned 30, I can't handle the idea of being chilled to the bone. Old age? Laziness? I took this picture on a morning run this week and I'd think it captures the essence of the blustery weather. It does not capture my intensely mismatched outfit - hot pink shorts, red shirt, neon yellow knee socks, and blue shoes.

All week I've been trying to write a post about my Sunday dinner of chickpea stew and it hasn't quite happened. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I've been eating English muffins and educating my married friends about online dating. There is nothing quite like watching two dads I've known for 5 years play with Tinder. It was oddly comforting to know that things I am turned off by ... are also deemed unacceptable by my friend Greg. 

Otherwise, here is the latest and greatest.

TV. For the past several months my friend Caitlin has politely, but insistently, requested that I watch Scandal. I said I would... and then never did. Last weekend, I went to the BC football game and then because that was so strenuous needed to sit on my couch for a bit after. So, I thought it wouldn't kill me to watch that one episode I had promised Caitlin I would watch. Well, 13 (?) episodes later... I was sending text messages like this:
COOKIES. I recently discovered that Trader Joes has my favorite cookie back in stock. I'm torn between stocking up and trying to exhibit some self-control.

BABY STEPS. I'm risk adverse. I never used to feel anxiety - or at least I never used to recognize it as such. But it has come to my attention recently that I'm quite risk adverse ... and that I never quite realized how calculated I am in my decision making. 

SURPRISE. I'm working on a great surprise for a loved one. That is all. But if it works, it will be amazing. 

FLOWERS. Last weekend I was on my Sunday afternoon walk and stumbled across some Paperwhite bulbs for sale in Beacon Hill. They were only $1 - what a steal - so they were a perfect experiment for my dried up basil and mint pots. I've never planted bulbs before but now seems as good of a time as any...
THE MAILMAN. I still love sending mail but rarely get Christmas cards in the mail... maybe this is my year?

KARMA. I believe in karma. I don't know for a fact that karma exists but I can say for certain that it feels good to do good things. Three weeks ago I found a check on the street in the rain. Long story short, the owner of the check has it back in her possession but before she did I utilized, LinkedIn, talked to her elderly mother in law, called her son, and then finally talked to her... and mailed in back to her. (I like a good challenge). This sweet woman sent me an actual thank you note, a stamp, and two movie tickets. 

Goals for the rest of the weekend? I healthy balance of getting organized, eating, and relaxing. Eating and relaxing are different. Tomorrow it is supposed to be seriously cold and I think that means it is time to make chili. I'd also like to put up 66% of my Christmas trees (I have 3 normally) and make my Cookie Swap cookies. 

I also plan on spending some time with Cliff Huxtable and maybe watching Eleanor have cat dreams.

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