weekend in review

It's Monday morning and the weather man told me that today would be a perfect beach day. Sadly, I'll be sitting in a swivel desk chair for most of the day instead of smelling like sunblock and cruising through magazines.

That being said, the weekend was pretty dreamy and including lots of quality time with my baby brother. I managed to get a run in both weekend days, eat Everything bagels with chive cream cheese, do a little cooking, and coax the sun into naturally lightening my hair a bit more.

Until next weekend when I probably try to put something else from the garden into a galette dough ...

[1] traffic heading home to the burbs carting some fresh galette dough and homemade pesto
[2] my favorite girl Ruby May running around on the beach
[3] beautiful blue waves
[4] weekend wheels
[5] garden fresh galette
[6] sunset walk with Ruby May and a perfectly pastel sky
[7] morning strolls are better when wearing neon
[8] a moderately aggressive bun
[9] boats at the Spit
[10] siblings on the boat
[11] trying out the eats at the new Mary's Landing (called Roht Marine ... they don't have an interwebs page)
[12] competing ice cream orders at JJ's Dairy Hut
[13] requisite sibling shot... photobombed by a dumb Yankees fan
[14] Fenway park at night

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