Life Lately

Not many things have seemed worthy of a whole post... but the cumulative effort of the last month or so has been pretty great... in an uneventful way. Which is just fine by me.

It's a lot of prosciutto eating, skyline gawking, and rolling on the floor/lawn with a new family puppy.
I'll get back to cooking soon but until then this is what I've been doing and not doing.
[1] Spontaneous Red Sox games complete with a big ole sausage sandwich... my favorite
[2] Eleanor rolling around in her favorite chair
[3] Sunset bike rides home from the office. Happy for Hubway season.
[4] New puppy Ruby
[5] Hammock season is for winners ... and people with two legs.
[6] Sunsets kissed with pink
[7] A beach run complete with my first piece of sea glass for the season
[8] Loving running in Charlestown... with all its old history.
[9] Prosciutto and pedicures... zero complaints. Ever.
[10] You can keep your roof deck. I have a gravel beach.
[11] Peonies make me endlessly happy.
[12] I taught Ruby a bad habit and I don't feel bad about it. 
[13] Homemade ice cream sandwiches for Father's Day. I'm not sure I can go back.
[14] Just a pretty spectacular skyline if I say so myself
[15] Encroaching tide does not hinder my run
[16] Exploring big rocks with my baby brother
[17] Perfect summer meal... and I grew that basil myself kids.
[18] It's braid season and I won't apologize for it.
[19] Colorful outfits for morning beach walks with Ruby May
[20] Impatiently sweating in a middle school gym waiting for baby brother to graduation 8th grade
[21] Famous Al's pizza from the North End community pool. It was $1.25 and I don't regret it.
[22] Gravel beach Sunday with a giant sun tea.
[23] Grown-ups get their couch and carpet cleaned... and give the injured workers Hello Kitty bandaids
[24] I like to think overnight oatmeal is lowering my cholesterol one morning at a time

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