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I'm tired and my apartment is so hot. It's not even hot outside but I've been baking shit for like a long time. Well, not really. But, when your oven is as old as mine it takes a super long time to get to 400 F. God help you if you want to get to 425.

I even opened all of my apartment windows, including the one that doesn't have a screen. Which is terrifying to me since I think this pretty much guarantees a bird will fly into my apartment. And while I'm not afraid of birds, I'm certainly afraid of them flying into me and landing on my stuff.

But, this was actually a great weekend. It was complete with spontaneous plans that revolved around going to yoga class... which is just how I like it. I even tried a ... SOY.... BLT. I know, scary right? But, when a girl needs her pork fix she takes it where she can get it. And this time it was at the Clover Food Truck.

While I'm most certainly behind on documenting my culinary "feats"... here is the instagram wrap-up of the weekend. Events that didn't make the visual summary? Drinks with coworkers after work on Friday, ladies' Saturday movie date, and the constant need to consume chocolate.

Walking to the market on a rainy Saturday morning. Boston's disappearing act. If only some of the tourists with unnecessary umbrellas would disappear.

Took the plunge and bought meat from a neighborhood butcher. I mean, my ground beef was literally ground in front of me. I choose to forget the squishy sound that it makes.

Sunday morning latte love with Baby Sister.

On my way back from yoga in the Back Bay I spotted this clan of baby ducks all huddled together. ADORBS. I couldn't even count how many there were. I put the total between 9 and 10. Well, 9 or 10. I don't think there is a half duck in there.

This is the Soy BLT from Clover Food Truck. I'm ashamed to say I liked it. It will never replace real Bacon in my heart and I'll never buy soy bacon... but folks. This is was good. What was also good was the guy's face when I said "What do you really mean by Soy BLT?"

I'm convinced my landlord is a hoarder. But at least he chose to get rid of this fabulous orange cozy chair. I can't imagine how it doesn't match his stacks of newspaper.

In the North End, you can have a parade walk by your apartment... including the marching band. You can also set off an insane amount of fireworks in a city park apparently. I didn't feel so bad about not walking down for the fireworks until I realized I was doing the same thing as my crazy elderly neighbor who yells at people about trash in the street ... from her 3rd floor window.

Goals for the week? Include taking advantage of my unlimited yoga pass, assessing if my black ink cartridge is really as empty as the printer claims it is, mailing a few thank you notes.... and going to NYC. Yep, that's for real.

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