I have a few tasks on my "bucket" list of things I'd like to do before the summer is over - or perhaps just in general.

The last few weeks I've been hitting up the local farmer's markets with my Mom. There is one in North Scituate on Wednesdays and one in Cohasset Center on Thursdays. They are pretty similar but I prefer the Scituate one ... because there are less children.

I first noticed the pickling cucumbers at the Cohasset market and snatched them up real quick. Making pickles - or just pickling anything really - has been on my "list" for a few months now and rumor has it... its super easy.

I found a super easy recipe online and went to work. Jake and I made the trip to Whole Foods in Hingham with the hopes that finding the ingredients would be a snap. False. We couldn't get mustard seed, coriander seed, or dill seed. So, in the end we just went with fresh dill and ground coriander. I think it was totally fine and we've gotten some pretty rave reviews about the fresh pickles.

... and ta-dah here is the finished product!

For those of you wondering .... you can also use regular cucumbers. I think they just have a little less crisp to them when they are done - and perhaps more seeds in the middle. We made two test batches one with pickling cucumbers and one without - so I know they both turn out fine!

End result:
- delicious pickles!
- one more item off my bucket list!

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