Dog Sitting Day 2: Lots of Napping ...

Dwight and I had an excellent day yesterday ... of which I'm sure you were wondering.

Despite the brutal heat, we both managed to stay cool. I went to the gym, the public library, and went to the beach. Dwight Lind lived the dreamy dog life as you'll see in some of the pictures. He didn't get to go swimming though because doggies aren't allowed on the beach between 9 am - 6pm. Sad face.

Enjoy the pictures!
Dwight taking in some golf action with the only other man in the house this weekend. MAN TIME!
Nap time for Dwight. Good thing he found my favorite chair ...
Playing hide and go seek under my bed.... he doesn't hide all that well.
Acting as the night watch guard during a little evening porch action.

"Lady, you are f-ing crazy if you think I'm going out in the rain to use the facilities... I'd rather cross my legs for 8 hours"
All tucked in for the night and ready for bed.... snoozy snoozy.

Peace out.

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