name it.

I was at a 4th of July party last week and inadvertently introduced myself to a new party lady with my faux name. I owned up to it immediately ... I mean ... my mom was standing right there. There was no sense in lying about who I was.

Oddly introducing myself to this woman as X (puh-lease, like I'm telling the intertubes my fake name) felt more like a truth than writing on a blog entitled "Hopelessly Techie". A few years ago, I worked on changing the subtitle of my blog away from MBA student to real-life person (here). Now, I feel like I need a totally new name. 

Despite my inherent techie nature, I'm much more a food / sun / soul lover. I write in the blog for a few reasons. 
  • One. It is amazingly therapeutic and helps me reflect on where I've been and where I want to go. 
  • Two. I love history and what better history is there than recipes and who I've made them for ... and the mistakes I made when I was making them. 
  • Three. I still believe I'm writing my personal history. I haven't gotten to the point where I'm willing to document dating but if I did, you'd fall off your chair in laughter. Instead, I'd rather tell you that putting lotion on before walking to work in the summer is the worst idea I've had in weeks. Feel free to call me Slick Rick.
But, it almost feels like I'm writing in a temporary notebook in a way. I'm just waiting for the next blog name to come to me... and it's not coming... and I want it to. The problem is that I'm not very creative. I'm good in Excel, I'm good in Powerpoint, and I'm solid in the kitchen. 

My idea was to put 60 seconds on the timer and see what words I would brainstorm and go from there. I went through a similar exercise in December 2011 (here) and it was really interesting to see what I wrote without a filter or much thought:
tide / ocean 
walk / run 
sun / sunglasses
soul / yoga / run

I've tossed just about any word behind "simply" and tried to make it a dot com. But they didn't feel right. My blog isn't just about bacon or coffee or farmer's markets. I even tried out "With One N" because that's how I spell my name. Result = vetoed by my creative team (baby sister). 

So, give me your best internet. I need it.

I feel a little lost and Bill Gates's suite of products won't help me out here.

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