Sunday Dinner

As a bit of a rarity, I actually cooked twice this past weekend. I l.o.v.e. cooking and spending time in the kitchen but traveling every week makes the weekend more for resting than for measuring and mixing. It also doesn't hurt that its GRILLING SEASON! I'll grill anything. I've seen a few good desserts recently that are based on grilled fruit {peaches / pineapple} and I'm going to try those out soon.

Anyway.... on Saturday I made the Cilantro Lime Chicken for dinner to more rave reviews. The tomato, avocado salsa is just salivatingly delicious... even now first thing in the morning.... I'd eat the whole bowl.

When Sunday came around, I saw we had a few extra tomatoes in the fridge and felt like it was the perfect opportunity to try out these Parmesan tomatoes I'd seen on Pinterest. I combined that with some garlic cous cous {couldn't find my favorite Parmesan version!} and more grilled chicken {i'm sure you are surprised.... we are a chicken family}.

The tomatoes were very very easy to make and pretty tasty. Although a few notes for the next time: (1) less "juicy" tomatoes and (2) the recipe totally underestimates the amount of Parmesan required to match the picture. I did substitute fresh oregano with dried oregano from the cabinet and threw on some capers.... well because I love salt.
freshly grated parm ....
ready for the oven ...
out of the oven... and ready for my belly...
When we first made the Cilantro Lime Chicken is was mere coincidence that the chicken got a bit chopped up before grilling. Ever since then it's been on purpose. It such a great way to cook more quickly, eat a less at the table, and have the leftovers more ready for consumption. Baby Sister looooves leftovers for lunch... and I love helping her. I seasoned the chicken with olive oil, a small bit of salt, and my favorite Penzey's Southwest seasoning and then slapped those babies on the grill.

Here is the finished product! I hope you love our classy tablecloth :) Its one of my mom's favorites but perhaps we can replace it with something a little more photogenic if these Sunday dinners continue....

Done. Done. and Done.

Shopping List
- chicken boobs
- Penzey's Southwest Seasoning
- Cous Cous
- Tomatoes {pick less juicy ones, like Roma or Plum perhaps}
- Freshly grated Parmesan {totally makes a difference}
- oregano
- capers {if you so desire}

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