Not my cup of tea.

I have a few blog posts that I've been meaning to write - mainly an update to my life list and a note on my rental car for the week.... so stay tuned for those.

But, I feel as though I need to talk about my trip to the gym last night.

I've been working out in hotel gyms for several months now and at a certain point you just get tired of it. Its like working out in a "home gym" (i.e. just a treadmill) without any of the benefits of being at home. Most recently, the hotel that I've been staying in has a really stuffy gym and it feels impossible to run in, plus I can't watch Bravo. I'm not a crazy runner but I can't get past two miles in there without craving fresh air. So, on my way to Wegman's last week I noticed an LA Fitness. I decided to check it out and see about joining for the period of time that I'm still here in epic suburbia.

I mentioned this to my one work friend here (here after known as C) and she decided she'd join me in my adventures. C apparently loves going to classes, where as I despise them. I get bored. I check the time. I crave water. Etc. Etc. On Monday, C suggested we go to "Boot Camp" the following evening. I immediately go to the LA Fitness website for a summary:
You can command Power, Strength, Agility with this military inspired circuit workout that will push you to your limits. As you maneuver your way through each workout station, you'll lunge, kick, crunch, box, cycle, and more for a full body workout. In the end, you'll leave class feeling exhilarated.
I underlined the words I think you should take note of. The description should have been enough to tell me that I would not like it ... and despite my physical / emotional aversion to working out with people .... I still agreed to go to the class. The entire time I was there I was mentally writing a bullet point list of terrifying things in my head:
  • there were signs around the room showing the activity that would be performed there
  • after a brief warm-up, we had to run around the room at which point the drill sergeant / suburban mom instructor counted us off into groups. bye bye C, nice knowing you. I'm all alone.
  • One of the activities involved these giant ropes that you had to make look like waves. I only remember watching this on the biggest loser ... and it being hard. No thank you.
  • After a few laps around this "boot camp" the instructor started to jump rope in the middle of the room while I wanted to collapse on the side. Show off. Also, she managed to sound out of breath AT ALL. Hi Show Off.
  • During the last circuit of death in the oven known as the classroom, I decided to modify the mountain climber exercise. What did the instructor do? She started doing this jumping jack stairclimber combo right behind me. Show off. Again.
  • She used phrases like: "during every rep imagine you are becoming stronger... AND STRONGER"
I'm sure there are others that I'm emotionally blacking out... but frankly my gluteus maximus is too sore to think anymore.

Needlesss to say, despite the fact that I joined the gym (weekly membership folks.... I'm a gym commitment phobe) I will not be going to boot camp again... ever.

Sidenote. C went to a kick boxing class tonight and came out super sweaty. She clearly had a great workout. That's another class I won't be going to.

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