Slight Price Difference

I've been a solid purveyor of legal music since iTunes came out when I was in college. I've been known to buy music to avoid writing papers, cleaning, and just about anything.
 Yesterday there was a promotion on Amazon that if you sent 5 friends an Amazon/Facebook gift certificate (each valued at $1 or more), you'd get $5. HELLO. I love free money - and I love giving small tokens of my affection. So, I dolled out 5 gift certificates to friends and family. I did run into one hiccup in that a few of my gift giving attempts got "rejected" in that something about their Facebook account setup wouldn't let me give them a gift. This was a bit sad for both parties - especially the ones I was trying to give a gift to.


Last night, I went on Amazon to puruse the offerings and saw that the new Taylor Swift album was for sale for .... $3.99. What? No? Not possible? YES POSSIBLE.
Since I have currently have a bank of iTunes credit, I figured I'd check and see what the price difference was between the two offerings. Well, it certainly wasn't pennies. The iTunes price is currently $12.70. Now, I think last night it was $13.99 because I remember saying "TEN DOLLARS. WHAT?"
I probably don't even have to tell you which one I bought. Half the time I listen to the whole album and only buy the songs that I like, at $3.99 I didn't even waste my time.... just bought the whole thing.

Makes me wonder how many people bought the Taylor Swift digital album from iTunes for full price ... and which they had checked Amazon.

Moral of the story? Amazon wins again.

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