Conan + Twitter + Free Tshirts ...

 = no t-shirt for me.

So, Conan O'Brien ... more specifically Team Coco .... is giving away 1,000 tshirts a day for 10 days as they approach the premiere of his new show on TBS. The marketing for this show is totally bananas. Between the webcams, the blimp, the Foursquare badges, and now the free t-shirts .... its hard to miss all the buzz.

But for some reason, I still thought there was a chance I'd be able to snag a t-shirt on Tuesday. At about 1pm EST, there was a tweet alerting TeamCoco followers that there'd be free t-shirts between 4-5pm EST. So, I got ready. I had two browsers open and was ready to attack the process.

In watching the page over the last few days, I've seen the number of followers grow rather exponentially at times. So I also thought it would be interesting to see how many Twitter users elected to follow TeamCoco during the 4-5pm window until the t-shirt code was given out.

Well, the code was given out at 4:16 and within 33 seconds of the code being published I had seen it, tried it, been rejected ... and taken a screenshot of the time and rejection.

So maybe you are wondering what the stats look like for Twitter followers during that time period - or maybe you aren't. But here is my highly unscientific data anyway. I was originally going to stop at the time the code was given out, then I extended it to 4:30, and then just went for the whole hour.
Note: The Purple line designates when the code was given out

So, that is how I spent the 4-5pm timeblock on Tuesday. Embarassing - especially considering I still don't have a Conan t-shirt - but I do have a great graph charting TeamCoco's popularity.

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