Winner Winner Seafood Dinner

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I recently planned a mid-week vacation for my parents to Maine to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary. With the help of my friend Meghan, they spent a few days on the coast of Maine in New Harbor and on Monhegen Island. I'll try to write a post about this later and include all the places (ok just two) that they stayed.


When my parents went away, that left my sister and I at home alone for two days. Kerrianne and I enjoy seafood and slightly more complex meals .... significantly more than the rest of the family. As a result, having the house to ourselves for a few days gave me the opportunity to try a few new meals. Kerrianne loves mussels and oysters so that was guaranteed to be one of the meals. The other thing I wanted to try and do was complete all of the cooking outside so that some of the seafood stink could be avoided.

The first evening, this was the recipe that I followed for mussels.

I literally googled "how to grill Mussels" and this is what we ended up with. It seemed like a winner so we went with it ... and it was phenomenal. The broth was so so so tasty and definitely deserving of the fresh Sourdough bread that I bought at French Memories that afternoon.

I'll upload some of the pictures of our meal later this week - needless to say we LOVED it ... and the two bottles of white wine that accompanied our meal.

Stay tuned for the next meal we made ....

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