Wet Cement? CHECK!

I feel like it part of human nature to want to write in wet cement. Right? Ok, well I've always wanted to do it and so thats why I put it on my life list.

I think I had probably recently seen this episode of The Office perhaps ... 

I have no desire to put my face in wet cement - even if I have a straw and a faithful companion like Dwight - but I did want to leave my mark on society.

It seemed oddly fitting that I found wet cement outside of my apartment in Brighton shortly before I moved in May. I can't remember the actual date that I did the "damage" but here is the evidence that I completed my task.

As you can see, I wasn't the only one to leave my mark behind. I was with my friend who acted as the lookout while I first wrote "TWSS" as a homage to our social groups love of saying "That's What She Said" ... made more famous by Michael Scott of The Office.

Then realizing that I could probably also leave my name... I included my initials nearby as well.

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a little bit thrilling for me. Embarrassing huh? Oh well :)

End result:
- Excellent Memory
- Semi-permanent mark on society
- One more item off the Life Bucket List

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