Blueberry Picking!

Last week, some of the family managed to escape for a few hours and go blueberry picking. We went at the Tree Berry Farm in Scituate on a nice sunny day and really had a great time.

From 2010.08.12 - Blueberry Picking

We were probably there for about an hour - and the place was certainly busy. We had to go into the depths of the farm in order to find a little bit of quiet and some berries since it was late in the season. Everybody has something they'd like to make with the FOUR POUNDS of berries we picked:
  • Jake = blueberry lemonade
  • Mom = blueberry cobbler
  • Dad = blueberry pancakes
Me? I'm satisfied with a blueberry loaf. I actually made it yesterday and will post some pictures later.

From 2010.08.12 - Blueberry Picking
From 2010.08.12 - Blueberry Picking

Here is the link to our whole album:

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