Suburban Moms go crazy

I know I keep promising (ok, fine once) pictures of the refurbished grill... but I'm inclined to post this article I saw on and the local newspaper, The Patriot Ledger.

"Rockland man hauls in 325-pound shark"

"8-foot thresher shark caught off Scituate"

Suburban moms go crazy over this stuff... and since my habits these days are like that of a suburban mom, I get to comment on this.

I'm not saying that a shark isn't a big deal - believe me, I'd prefer my waters to be shark free ... but these people go crazy over a shark being caught 30 miles offshore. Last week a great white shark was spotted 20 miles offshore near the Stellwagon Bank area and you'd think it was pool hoping with kindergartners. One person who shall remain nameless, even thought about pulling their child out of sailing lessons :) I get the fear, I personally don't like to swim in water where I can't see the bottom - but that is a decision I've been rocking since I was probably 5 - not since the latest shark siting.

Do you know how far 20 miles is? I'll show you. Here is a Google Maps image of the directions from Boston to Scituate. It is 25.7 miles. The idea that I'd change my daily habits because a single shark had been sited ... in its natural habitat ... 25 miles away ... by one fishing boat ... is crazy. That'd be like saying a creepy male flasher was running around Back Bay and I elected to stay on my porch in Scituate. (Yes, I know this is a stretch.... but I'm writing and you aren't so there)

Regardless, I'm going to continue on my Suburban mom day. So far I've:
  • let out the chickens
  • taken Jake to sailing
  • ran 3 miles at the gym (surrounded by Lululemon'd moms ... and one interestingly dressed Asian woman working out in an orange tube top and white platform sandals)
  • went to Starbucks for a Tazo Passion Ice Tea Lemonade
  • bought fresh Sourdough bread from French Memories
  • ... then picked up the family dry cleaning

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I know this sounds like a rather "extravagant" day ... starbucks, fresh bread ... but these are the joys of suburban life and I will appreciate them :) I'm off to get Jake at sailing and then its looking like a beach afternoon ....

stay cool.


  1. Swimming withnsharks is no big deal. Just get out before the music starts! Da dun dadun.

  2. You do not have to be a fast swimmer to swim with sharks, just not the slowest!


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