Oh Hi South Korea!

One of the amazing things about Google is that they love numbers and statistics more than I do. Its phenomenal - but don't ask me to split a check after a meal because I don't like to do that :)


One of the awesome things about hosting my blog on Google is that they give you stats in real time - as well as on Google Analytics.  Sometimes its neat to see some of the info, like where people are from, what posts are more popular ... etc ... etc.. etc. Note: I can't see specifically where people are from, just generally (i.e. Brighton - not Cleveland Circle).

I've always been interested in getting a reader - or at least a visitor - from each of the 50 states ... internationally is just a a plus! Well, the last few days we've had a reader from South Korea! Heyo! I don't think I know anyone in South Korea, but feel free to make yourself known my friend.

Here is a list of the other international visitors that I've had:

- Canada
- UK
- Philippines
- Bulgaria
- France
- South Korea
- Czech Republic
- Germany
- Russia
- Brazil

Maybe if South Korea becomes a regular, I'll get myself some of these sweet "South Korea Shoes" that I found on Zazzle.

This picture comes up in a google search if you search "Hi South Korea" ... really. I used Zazzle to make my sister some sweet cat shoes for her birthday ... they are more cool than the Korea shoes ... and I'm not just saying that because I made them.

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