Maps are cool

I'm not sure if you've ever been on Etsy - but it is a treasure trove of interesting and often handmade products.

Two items that I'd found on there recently that I love are related to maps. I've always been interested in historical maps and dream of one day giving them their own room in my house. My friend Caitlin recently moved back to San Francisco and someone posted a link to this map on her Facebook page. According to the artist its the "city grid but comprised of only thin vertical black ink lines."
Pretty neat.... I think. Thankfully, the artist also did one for my hometown of Boston. If only I had a home to hang it in these days :) I think it could also be really neat on a coffee table like under a piece of glass or something.... someday .... someday :)

While I was on Etsy yesterday I started to look for other neat Boston area maps.... and found something totally cool that I'm in love with.... a map pendant.

I just totally like everything about this - and like the other map artist - she has many other options and is willing to make pendants custom as well. I'm emailing with her about maybe doing one for Minot - my favorite place in the world. (... and I don't mean Minot, North Dakota).

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