Excitement! ... and its a dog themed post.

So, I got an email today from my friends Dave and Lara asking me if I could watch their dog for a few days. I appreciate them thinking I might have other things on my calendar ... but don't worry.... I'M FREE. I do know that I'm at least third string on the dog-sitting chain for Dwight behind his canine cousin Jetson and Grandma Kathy ... but I still don't care. He's coming to visit me... and that's all that matters.

But I would also be free any day to hang out with my main man Dwight. He's phenomenal. Perhaps you remember the video I compiled of his last visit to my apartment?

Needless to say, I'm excited. So excited that I sent Dave and Lara a picture of my acceptance. I don't often include unflattering pictures of myself but I wanted to share the moment with you (whoever you are that read my blog).
Dwight is also excited to visit. He sent me a picture back.

I can't wait for Dwight to visit. So mark your calendars for July 16th - because its probably going to be the best three day period of my entire summer.

This also comes at an excellent time for me considering I'm still "recovering" from getting rejected at the animal shelter .... and was unable to adopt the love of my life - "Snoopy".

I was going to call him Snoop .... get it? Snoop Dog? Yes, my jokes are getting more lame.

Over and out.

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