Dog Sitting Day 3: Leg licking and the beach ...

I'm sure you were all eagerly awaiting today's post about my life with Dwight Lind. Right?

Well, we've had an excellent 24 hours for sure.

On Thursday when Dave was getting ready to leave Dwight with me for the weekend, I asked him if there were any weird habits or anything that I should be aware of going into the long weekend. Answer: Leg licking. He was most certainly right. Yesterday morning I played in a ladies tennis clinic for two hours and when I got home, Dwight went to town on my leg. Apparently, he likes the taste of salty sweat.... who knew?
Also for some reason, this camera lighting makes my legs look incredibly tanned ... don't be fooled folks.... I'm not that tan. We spent the rest of the day napping and playing in the yard. After all he needed to save up some energy for his evening swim at the beach!
Dwight took a nap while I went to the beach .... he seems to be quite comfortable...
Dogs are only allowed on Minot beach before 10 am and after 6pm, so we had to get up a little bit early .... Dwight isn't a "morning dog" and would prefer to sleep until 10 am. I on the other hand am definitely a morning person. On our way to the beach, Dwight did take a moment to greet the neighbor's dog, Annie.
Dwight and Annie saying good morning. Previously, they didn't get along.... but now they follow each other around.

"Thanks for the new toy Mom and Dad! I don't plan on sharing it with anyone"

Dwight went for a swim and then proceeded to simply sit in the ocean and "people/dog" watch.

I think I'm more excited...

The beach was gorgeous this morning ... and I'm sure the beach will be great tonight as well ... when we return at 5:59 PM for our evening swim :)
looking south towards the "cape"
looking north towards minot light
 Peace out

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