Dog Sitting Day 1: Dwight Lind visits Scituate

As I mentioned a few days ago, I have a male visitor staying with me this weekend. Even my conservative parents are letting him sleep in my room (oh have I not mentioned that I live with my parents again? well... I do.) My friend is such a gentleman. He never talks over me, always sits next to me on the couch, lets me decide our schedule for the day ....  and only requests that I take him outside to use the facilities and lick my legs after I shower.

Yes, its a dog :)

The incredibly handsome, talented, and sweet Dwight Lind is staying with me. We've had a lot of fun so far since Dave left him here yesterday afternoon. Last night we went swimming at the beach and then relaxed in front of the TV. I had wine and he had a dog bone. Perfect no?

Here are some of the lovely pics I've snapped since he's been my live-in boyfriend:
getting cozy on the rug in my room

napping on the couch after swimming at the beach - and snacking on a bone

a morning walk on the beach in the fog ... he was significantly less enthusiastic about the walk than I was ... whatever, I'm in charge.

Oh, you want more pictures of Dwight and I? Don't worry, he's staying with me until Monday ... so there are plenty of opportunities for the Big D and I to create some more memories.

peace out.

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